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Incoming call lock – Make your calls “secure”, with “pattern lock”.

★ This application “hide incoming calls”
★ With “lock screen”,
★ With “keypad lock”
★ With “pattern lock”.

With Call block, Pattern Lock nobody can see your “ringing phone” without “unlock pattern”. Keep your calls secure with this free app. This app is best for your privacy security.

Call Block :

Incoming call lock also provide call block feature
• You can block any number
• Block calls from unwanted numbers
• Block calls from unknown, advertising numbers
• Block any one who teasing you by miss calls
• Just add any number then your phone will block automatically
call block is new feature added in new version. Now incoming call lock and call block all in one app.

Secure Incoming Call is useful application help you protect your Incoming call. Secure Incoming Call application will not allow anybody to accept your incoming call by set Pattern, PIN, Password lock screen.

– Set Pattern lock.
– Set PIN type lock.
– Set Password lock.
– Low power and CPU consumption.
– No hanging device.
– Custom background

– In near feature i will support fingerprint.

Download other my app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=LuuTinh+Developer

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