आपके मोबाइल में कॉल आते ही सब लोग देखते ही रह जाएंगे

1.Power Light – Flashlight with LED Reminder Light

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Power Light turns your Android phone into a super fast & bright flashlight LED widget, giving you call screen themes, strobe light, LED light, screen light & SOS light in darkness. It’s a very small size but useful LED flashlight app. Free to download it and let light shine out of darkness!.

★ Powerful Flash Lighting – Features 
– Super torch light up dark room, including LED flashlight and screen light
– Convenient & brightness LED flashlight controller for super fast screen light adjust
– Blinking/Strobe light with speed controller, low light frequency or high light frequency
– Color ring light flash alert on call screen with multi LED reminder light notifications (HD call theme love)
– Super fast LED flashlight screen notification for SMS text message
– SOS flash light blinking at Morse Code, high light frequency as emergency light
– Keep brightest flash light LED on phone locked call screen
– Compass sensor widget for giving direction in outdoors
– Battery energy saver widget for drain power saving

★ Power Light – Highlights
Super LED Flashlight
This free tiny flashlight app uses camera LED flash on Android device as a real torch/flash light source. If you need a real laser torch light, this flash camera LED light is ready to use with simple switch (on/off) like using a real mobile torch light. Besides, brightness of super fast flashlight LED laser torch app can be controlled, light up dark room.

Screen Light up
Besides camera LED light controller, this tiny flashlight app uses call screen as real flashlight LED laser torch source to light up dark room if you don’t want to use phone camera LED light reminder, or flash light on camera LED flash reminder is not worked. Brightness of screen flashlight led genius is adjustable, light up dark room.

HD Call Screen Themes: LED Flashing Light on Calls & SMS Message
Do you need super fast LED flashlight alert for phone calling screen (ring light flash app)? Do you need HD call screen light on phone SMS message? Power Light is a ring light app, used as HD call screen app with camera LED reminder when phone rings or text message comes, reminding you with color LED flashlight alert call screen themes (love) & sms messages themes. Super bright calling screen flash light up call screen for incoming calls and cool call screen lights light up text messages. Colorful notifications with HD call screen themes of ring light flash app are offered, like love call screen theme.

Blinking/Strobe Light & SOS Light
Strobe flashlight frequency is adjustable with sensitive light frequency strobe tuner, blinking from 0 to 9, low/high light frequency. Its low or high strobe light frequency is used for entertainment, emergency light & location track, like using led laser torch flashing light at dance party or disco ball; used as SOS light, location tracker & emergency light. Compass sensor widget is offered.

Easy & Customizable Torchlight
Power Light provides beautiful wallpapers for lock screen. It’s convenient to turn on free brightest flashlight app on lock screen, switch on/off real flashlight led genius & use powerful LED flash lighting functions. Also, user-friendly design of flashlight led laser torch will give you real torch experience.

★ Power Light – Usage
– Replace candle for power failure with LED laser torch light call screen
– Light up room at night with LED flashlight genius widget
– Find key in the dark with real LED flash light laser torch
– Writing & book reading with brightest flashlight led laser torch
– Light on your way for hiking/light up dark outdoors
– LED flash lantern while walking in darkness
– Emergency light: light up SOS flashlight led genius for help
– Location tracker with LED flash light call screen
– Color LED flash alert light on phone call screen & camera LED reminder
– Shake brightest flashlight LED light controller at concert
– Find little ones with real flashlight LED laser torch




2.Wave S7 Caller Notification

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Are you bored with the old dull looks of android calling screen..? Get this cool S7 Waves Call Notification application for your smart phone and make it look cool. While someone calls you, you will get cool stylish waves on the edge of your smart phone instead of the simple calling screen of android.

Meanwhile, the application is downloading take a look at the below given features:

Cool Features
Very attractive designs
Cool edge animations
Fully customizable designs and colors
Very small size application
You can easily activate and deactivate the edge animations
Very simple user interface making it very easy to understand all in one go

When you open the installed application, you will be redirected to the main screen of the application. Here you can see all the options to customize the waves for your smart phone. The first option is to activate and deactivate the waves on the calling screen.

Once you install the application, you can select whether you want the wave notification on the calling screen or not. If you do not want to get the wave notification, you can turn it OFF on the main screen of the application itself.

When you activate the wave notification, you will see two waves, one imposed on the other. You can change the color according to your requirements. You can set your favorite color by tapping on the Select Color option for Wave 1.

When you tap on the Color Select option of Wave 1, you will see various colors to select from. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the square boxes representing various sets of colors. There are hundreds of colors, from which you can select your favorite color.

Similarly select your favorite color that best suits or contrasts the color of Wave 1 that you recently selected. The contrasting combination of colors like red and yellow, or green and indigo will make your phone look cool.

This application supports multiple animation style of wave patterns. Here you will get three options of different animation. Selecting the ‘Right’ option will activate the two overlapping waves only on the right hand side of your calling screen. This option will deactivate the wave animation on the left hand side.

Similarly you can select ‘Left’ option to activate the wave pattern only on the left hand side of your screen and it will deactivate the animation on the right side. To get the animation on both the sides of the calling screen, click on ‘Both’ option. With this option you will get the attractive animation on both the sides.

This application also features the option to set the opacity. As there are two overlapping waves one on the other, you can select the opacity of the two animated waves separately. This way, you can set out the design as per your requirement to make your phone look better.

You can select the level of opacity from minimum value zero (0) to maximum value of two hundred and fifty five (255). On the main screen there are two bars where you can select the opacity of the animated waves to be shown up on the calling screen.

This cool and stylish application supports three types of widths for the animated waves. You can select the widths like small, medium and big. When you select the width as small, you will see very thing waves along the edges of your phone. To catch your attraction, you can select Medium width and for even more, you can select ‘Big’ option.

By using this application, your phone catch your attention while you are busy in you meeting and your phone is lying down on the table. Moreover it will make your phone look cool and will give you something extra and attractive as compared to the normal calling android screen.

So what are you waiting for..? Download this cool animated S7 Waves Call Notification application and get a very attractive calling screen.