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Add wonderful, super-realistic looped effects to your photos! The hassle of making a great-looking cinemagraph is now over – thanks to vimage.

How it works?

1. Pick or take a photo
2. Choose which effect or motion do you need
3. Do the editing job. It’s easy and super quick

Finally save or share the vimage! And you know what? It’s FREE!

Motion On Photo is an app select image and transform them into
beautiful cinemagraphs or sweeping cinematic pans using our advanced stabilization and rendering technology.
Create video that you can share with your friends.

★ Motion On Photo is very easy to use:

1. Take a new photo to add motion or select photo from your gallery.
2. Use the movement tool at each point you want to give movement and direct the effect.
3. With the stabilization tool you define that point not be moved, avoiding undesired distortions. If three stabilization
points are connected, a stabilized area is created.
3. With the mask tool you will define the area of the image that will not have movement.

★ Motion On Photo is FREE

✔ No pay content
✔ No registration
✔ Everything is free

Note: The result of the effect is a video

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