इस सीक्रेट कोड को हमेसा सीक्रेट हि रहने देना

hi, all this is Bappi ray, this tutorial I’m gonna show you the most secret code in this world. this code helps you to stop your outgoing call all over the world. So use this code to use stop your outgoing call.

Every time we feard to give our phone anyone al, but this time the feard is gon. because this code helps you to stop your outgoing call in over the worlds. and no buddies call any person using your phone.

so guys using this code to stop your outgoing calls and massage and some kinds of connection to output your phone lat’s start


  1. goto your phone and dial ” *31# ”                                                                                                                                                                                               

And hit the dial option then the services are activated now. Now your outgoing call is fully stopped now, And you can give your phone anyone eals any person typing your phone the right way but can’t call anyone deals. And if you stop this service to once again so dial another code to stop this service. This service using any type of phone calls, like Samsung, rdmi, and any type of device.

Now if you went to stop this service so dial this code


Stop this service dial – ” #31# “

if you went to stop this service to your phone so dial this code to your phone. And that’s the time stop this service rite a way. So engoy this code, and also like the video, and shere your friend.