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एक ऐसा सीक्रेट कोड जो आपकी जिंदगी बदल सकता है

Hi, all in this tutorial I’m gonna teach you the best trick in over the internet to how you can see the all recent activity doing your phone. This trick ma helps you to see the recent activity on your phone so anyone never touches your phone again.

Sometimes you put your phone on the table, but your family member touches, again and again, your phone. And some most important files and documents are mistakenly deleted. And he or she put this phone on the table and you serden touch your phone and get ready to use your phone. But some error and some technical issue are not to use your phone.

You did not recognise what the hell is going on your phone. And sometime later your mom tell you to touch this phone your sister.

Ok, guys in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how you watch anyone touch your phone. And how much time using this phone. And when the time is. So here is a code use this code to watch who use your phone and how many time use your phone.

The code is  *#*#4636#*#*

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