एक बहुत ही अच्छा एप्लीकेशन ट्राई कीजिए

Smart Lens – Text Scanner OCR help you easy to convert image to text: scan and translate document, scan and detect phone number, email, website url, business card, etc… with very high accuracy in few seconds !!!

Try to copy by typing a long number, a complex url, or a contact with a lot of information? Sounds out of date! Now you have Smart Lens – Text Scanner.

Try to translate a foreign language document such as Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese… by typing each word on Google Translate? Seem impossible! But It’s so easy if you have Smart Lens – Text Scanner.

With Smart Lens – Text Scanner, all information presented by text are easy to be collected. It can immediately make a call with a phone number, send a SMS, access some one ‘s Facebook page, open a website url, send an email or even create a complete contact for you…

All you need is open Smart Lens – Text Scanner and take a picture, then you can interact with desired information easily and never lose your searched data with history feature supported.

*** Current supported features of Smart Lens – Text Scanner OCR:

* Quality: High speed ORC Text Recognition with very high accuracy (guaranteed by Google).

* Supported more than 80 languages

* Support handwritten text

* Camera supported: be able to capture images from camera

* Gallery albums supported: be able to select images from gallery

* Easy to crop (select a part of image containing desired text)

* Easy to interact with each recognized word on image