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चार्ज होते समय कोई आपके मोबाइल को छू नहीं सकता

Connect your charger and when battery gets to 100%, an alarm will warn(alarm) you to turn off the power source. You have a feature in app which allows you to change on how much battery percentage it should warn(alarm) you. It has theft alarm included in to so that when you turn on theft alarm and plug the charger, it will warn(alarm) you when ever the charger is disconnected.
In the next update, the app will automatically turn off charging when battery reaches 100%. This will stop your phone from getting over charged and will save energy(save electricity).

Battery Full and Theft Warning is a great app to protect your battery. Battery Full Warning means the app will start an alarm in the background when battery percentage reaches 100%. Theft Warning means the app will start an alarm in the background when the charger plug is removed.

The app will also show you battery temperature, battery health, battery voltage, battery power supply. Which helps you protect your battery.

In battery full and theft warning, notification will help in switching off the alarm. It will show you on how much percentage the battery will warn you(start an alarm).

Alarm will start even if your phone is on silent mode. You can change the alarm volume in your phone’s alarm settings.

Battery Full & Theft Warning (Battery Full &Theft Alarm).

Full Battery Alarm prevents your mobile phone battery from being overcharged. In today’s busy schedule it is very hard to check the battery status again and again. Full battery alarm is an unique app which notifies the mobile phone user when their mobile phone’s battery is fully charged.

Full Battery Alarm has three different type of notification settings. You can select your favorite ringtone or can choose vibration or light blink alert if you are in a meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone and launch the application. No need to re-arm the app again. It will automatically sound an alert once the battery will be fully charged.

• Theft Alarm
• Battery Full Alarm
• Device Temperature
• Battery Statistics
• Battery Health
• Battery Voltage
• Alarm in silent mode
• Battery Power Supply


• No need to open the app again
• Starts automatically when charger is connected
• Alarm starts automatically when battery is full
• Light Blink Alert
• User Friendly Interface
• Notifications
• Automatic start on reboot


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