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Do you know how much your touch number to the smartphone / tablet is every day?
This app can count the your touch number every day.

Touch Measurement Method
It is counted at the moment you touch to the screen.
If you touch with two or more fingers, it is counted only the first touch.
Click of the mouse is counted.

Support Tool
Please install the “Support Tool” to aggregate the count of each app.

Just one touch to turn off and lock screen.
The hardware power button of some devices is not well designed. The frequent use to power on/off screen may damage it. We provide the software buttons to replace it and extend its lifespan.

★ Different kinds of buttons:
– Display on home screen
– Display in the notification
– Float over other apps (floating button)

★ Features:
– Built-in icon library
– Select icon from device
– Vibrate when locking
– Play sound when locking
– (Floating button) Adjust button size
– (Floating button) Adjust button opacity
– (Floating button) Display weather information
– (Floating button) Auto hide in the fullscreen mode
– (Floating button) Set to the desired position on the screen
– (Floating button) Auto return to the set position
(In this mode, when button is moved, it will automatically move back to the set position in seconds. To change the set position, just move it to new position & hold in seconds)
– (Floating button) Long-press button to reveal more shortcuts
(memory boost/app shortcuts/system settings/screen capture/flashlight/…)

★ Notice:
– This application may use accessibility service to let lock button floating over other apps.
– If you need to uninstall our application, please must uninstall it from “Screen Lock Settings”.
– This app requires device administrator policy to lock screen

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