Why Adsense Approval is Rejected Top 5 Mistakes you have Approval tips

why are we getting Adsense Approval is Rejected you want to know the reason?

Many time we apply for Adsense and get rejected?

Everyone want to Apply for Adsense And 70% got rejected Due to so many reasons.

So, in this post, I am sharing 5 mistakes Every blogger Do.

Look !!

adsense Approvall


 # insufficient Content

Root key for Adsense is we do a basic mistake. we submit blog or website for Adsense Approval with less number of content.

Many time Many websites get rejected due to insufficient Content. if your write 5-6 post and apply for Adsense Approval we may be rejected.

So, At least try to write 30-40 Quality Articles for Your blog or website then try to Apply for Adsense.

# Not Having proper user Experience 

Many time we choose a Bad theme means non-propper User Experience theme. those sites are not a proper for the user, Google always wants User Experience theme for user satisfaction.

if your website theme is not user responsive than use Wp-page navigation plugin to customize your theme And then Apply for Adsense.

Download-Wp-page navigation plugin

#No adult content

if your website has any Adult content like pornography, Adult image Your Adsense Application will be rejected in a Day.

And don’t post any content like Hacking-gun making tutorials etc then your Adsense Approval will be rejected.

#Don’t buy pay traffic 

Don’t buy any paid traffic for your blog or website Try to collect Organic Traffic for your blog or website.

Because Google is so genius than Human, Google easily detected Your Traffic if You are using paid traffic.

Google #did does not give you Adsense Approval if you are using #paid traffic

# copyright content

Most important Topic is that Don not copies other’s content, this very very important Mistake many Do.

Google Alway prefers Quality content its customers, Google is smarter than you so don’t write as same as content for Your website.

Hope you Guys understood Top 5 All Mistake For Any Help Comment Below–




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