4 secret to approve google Adsense for website in 24 hours 100 % working

 Approve google Adsense for a website  in 24 hours

Google Adsense is an Advertisement placement service which allows a user to put Advertisement on their own site.

By placing advertisement Site owner can earn money from online. Every site owner has a dream to earn money from their own blog or website by putting Google Adsense ads.   But Major problem is that site owner don’t get Adsense Approval for their website. How to approve google Adsense for website?

Our team get 19 google Adsense approval by using this tips:

Here some cool and  Best tips that will help you to get Google Adsense Approval in  24 hours.

Your domain should be Brand new

If you are working on an old website it too complicated to get Google Adsense Approval. Many types is told that you need an at least 6-month-old website but there have no 6-month criteria in google for Adsense Approval.

Similar Email id 

Create new email id similar to your website name example:: my website name is so my email id should be like that pickup your email id similar as your website name. And use this email id for Adsense Approval.

Note:: Use new mobile number for creating similar Email id if you have another Email id with this mobile number don’t use this number for making similar Email id for your Website.

Write 10-20 Quality articles 

When google Adsense team Review your application for Approval they will see How many Quality articles You have.

So try to write 10-20 quality Articles and it may have 700-800 words per Articles.  Note that your Articles are not copied from other sites or same as another website if it found copied Content or articles they Suddenly reject your AdSense Approval.

Make total  5 important pages  

If you want Adsense approval in 24 hours You should Have 5 important page. Those are- Home page, About us page,

contact us page, Privacy policy page and Disclaimer page. And after creating these pages publish those pages.


Finally, Apply for Google Adsense And wait for Approval. it can take 1-3 day Sometimes.Take your patients you get Google Adsense Approval soon.

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