Best bettery alarm

Did you ever felt or worried about overcharging of your App?
People do not know that whenever they overcharge phone It affects the life of mobile’s battery.
Overcharging reduce battery capacity.

Using this app you can put Ringing alarm as well as Speaking Alarm at particular battery charging level.
It’s best to charge phone up to 95 to 100% battery level.

It’s a very easy and useful app. Everyone should use it.
Mainly It is free battery alarm App.

Battery Full Alarm has following useful features
1) Set alarm at any Level
2) Set your choice Alarm Tone
3) Battery status information
4) Battery Charging History
5) Battery Usage Statistics Chart
6) Battery Fast Charging options
7) Notification at different Charging level
8) Notification at different Charging time period
9) Speech Alarm
10) Your choice Speech Language
11) Charger type Graphics
12) Low battery notification alert
13) Alarm configuration in silent/ normal/ vibrate mode
14) Full Charge Alarm
15) Charging progress bar in Notification bar
16) Charging progress on lock screen
17) Plug IN / OUT sound
18) Auto Start ON / OFF


Best Battery Full Alarm is a FREE battery Overcharging Protector App.

When you use this app you Save Energy for those who do not have energy in their home.

It play alarm when your battery charged fully. or Charged up to your desired Level.

Only this app provides a feature to set Alarm at Any level from 1 to 100%.

Battery Alarm helps you to protect battery from Over Charging

Battery shows the battery charge level of your device with progress bar and battery Information.

Battery Charge Alarm is a small, useful, sleek, aesthetic, user-friendly and elegant app that will help you keep your battery healthy, and even serve as a battery saver and battery protector.

With Battery Alarm, everywhere you will protect your battery and you will be notified whenever it charges fully.

There is no other battery alarm app with such user-friendly UI, Ease of Use, intuitive, neat and aesthetic interface, with the blend of lots of features in one app only.

We work continuously to bring new feature to improve Battery Alarm,
Very soon we are coming with Notification at different charging level and Notification at Different Time Of Charging. also bringing Actual battery full alarm Feature.

and we are constantly improving its user interface to have the best experience.

Enjoy the incredible power Battery Protector app and never worry about your phone battery again.

Battery Full Alarm is a growing FREE Battery Protector App that Protect Battery state.