Delete Facebook account compeletly in 30 seconds and save All photos Before

Want to delete facebook account completely

so you are looking to Delete Facebook account completely in 30 seconds you probably have a million region. you might have an another social account like Facebook account, Twitter account or you have an Instagram account. or maybe you like whats app to much.

Delete Facebook account completely

Here we learn how to delete your Facebook account completely but before deleting facebook account learn  how to save all your photo

but before deleting facebook account learn  how to save all your photo in one click

This process is same in mobile phone or in desktop

  1. Open your Facebook account click on right corner in desktop > click on settings> click on download copy  

Delete Facebook account completely delete Facebook account compeletly


2. Now you can download the Facebook photo in your email, phone or on your desktop.

3. Now before deleting an account, you need to Deactivate your Facebook: Note Deactivate your Facebook account.

Now Go to Security > click on Deactivate Facebook account > enter your password now give a  reason or click on other and click deactivate.

delete Facebook account compeletly

4. Now major work is now going to this link — > Now new window pop up click on Delete My account

delete Facebook account compeletly

These presses need 14 days to remove your facebook account Please please don’t open or log into your account after Doing this prosses.


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