How to earn money from uc news with proof-full guide

How to earn money from UC news with proof 

Today about how to earn money from UC news.  everyone wants to earn money online according to Indian report new youth want to earn money online which gives more money

Here we discuss full guide about how to earn 20,000 per month  with proof

What is UC news?

UC news is a mobile app which comes with a lot of news . news like entertainment new, tech news, game news, politics news, job news, rumours news and much more. UC news also comes with UC browser. there are too many users of UC browser.

when you open UC  browser you can see lots of news have you ever think off about who write that news?

Here I want to show you how can earn money from UC news as a news publisher.

How to create a UC news account and start earning?

  • Create Uc account click here – create an account.
  • Enter our name and email address.
  • After Registration Go to your email inbox and verify your account.
  •  After verification gives your full details.

Within 24 hours you can also start to write articles on UC news.

How to start earning money from UC news?

After confirmation click on post icon and start earning

earn money from uc news

start writing your first post. after getting 2000 views in your post and seven-days old registration you can be monetized (start earning) from UC news. by posting the unlimited post or each post per day u can earn 20,000/month.

when you get your money?

  • Last week’s gross income will be updated every Wednesday in your UC news dashboard.
  • Money withdrawal of UC news will be open from 26th to 28th every month. the minimum withdrawal 50 dollars.
  • Total income will be transfer to your Bank account.

Here two proof of  earn money from UC news >>


earn money from uc news


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