Best Gadgets For News Youtubers 2018 Edition

Best Gadgets For News Youtubers There are a lot of new Youtubers coming every day because everyone wants to be famous have some audience who identifies them so here are Best Gadgets For News Youtubers.There are not of gadget that you need to be a youtuber as being a YouTuber does mean you need to have a ton of gadgets as in today world quality does not matter if your content is not good enough so you need to focus more on content, not on quality.So you need to work more on good content, not on quality as when your content is good enough your audience can sacrifice the quality.So here is the list of Best Gadgets For News Youtubers.

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Best Gadgets For News Youtubers:-

Smartphone: Basic Requirement:  

You need not need a DSLR for shooting your videos as I told earlier you need to focus on Content Not Quality because quality will not bring you audience but content will bring an audience.So today everyone has a basic smartphone that shoots HD Video and at a beginner stage, you only need HD.But still, if you don’t have a smartphone then check out this post- Best Dual Cameras Smartphones Under 20000 In India

This will be the best gadgets for new youtubers.

Mic: Another Basic Requirement

After the Smartphone you need Good Audio Quality as after the Good Content you need Good Sound Quality Too.So there is a lot good and cheap lapel Like I will Link some good lapel mic down below.

Mic 1- Click Here 

Mic 2- Click Here 

Mic 3- Click Here


You need to stable your footage because stabilization is very important as if your video looks shaky people will skip it you so you should use some kind of Stabilisation like tripod monopods or gimbals And Gorillapod.

Tripod- Click here

Monopod- Click Here

Gimbals- Click Here

Gorillapod- Click here

Lighting: Not For Beginners

Lighting is a very important part of the video as you may buy a DSLR for 1 lakh but if you don’t have good lighting then your video will look black types.if you started generating profits then you may consider buying lighting setup two.

Portable Lighting- Click Here

Softboxes- Click Here

These were the Best Gadgets For News Youtubers.

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