How to apply Adsense For your WordPress Website in 1 Minute in 2017

How to How to apply Adsense For your WordPress Website in 1 Minute?

How Adsense work?


Adsense is Google Advertisement Program Policy Where Adsense Allow you to put Advertisement in Your WordPress websites.

Adsense Gives you Revenue instated of showing Advertisement on your website.

Now Many bloggers or website owner want Adsense Approval for their website But They Don’t Know How to Apply for Adsense for their Blog or website.

Many times Newbie blogger failed to get Adsense approval for their website Read – 5 Mistake Before Applying for Adsense

Now You are, Looking for How to Apply for Adsense For Your Blog or website-

Have a look How to Apply for Adsense-

STEP-1 Create Adsense Account

How to create Adsense? Do Be confused. Hope you have Google Account if you Don’t have any. Create New one

How to create Google Account-Click Here

And Now sign in Yor Google Account in 

STEP-2 How to Apply for Adsense For You WordPress Website

Now the main Step How to apply for Adsense?

Go to your Adsense Homepage,

Here you Get Google Adsense verification  Code:-

How to Apply for Adsense For You WordPress Website

Now Click on-Copy Code

STEP-3 Put the copy Copied Code

Now put your Copied code into your WordPress Website:

Log in to your WordPress Website  Click on DASHBOARD-GO to APPEARANCE-Now Click On Editor

Now Main Step:

Click on Theme Header-header.php (from Right Side Bar). Then paste Your copied code between the <head> and </head> tags

Put ad sense copy code

Now Scroll Down your Mouse Click On Update File:-

Yas we Did Now You are Applied for Adsense 

So, now You have  To wait At least 3 days For Adsense Approval

Secret Tips for Approval Google AdSense in 7 days with proof: 

1. Similar email id.

Before Applying For Adsense make an Email id similar as your Domain name.

suppose, Yor Domain name is, try to create an email name like

Google always want to verify website ownership in Adsense Approval Time. And this similar email will Help You in Adsense Verification.

# Note: While you are creating Email for Adsense use fresh mobile Number. Do not use those Number which you are used for another email Address.

2. Write Articles for your site.

Before Appling for Adsense write some interesting Articles for Your blog or website.

If you have a great content that is great.

Make sure That you Article length should be  Minimum 800 words.

3. Make 6 important Pages

Many newbies did a wrong job that is they create so many pages for their Web site.

Make sure, You Have 6 important Pages-Home page-About Us page-Contact Us page-Disclaimer page-privacy policy page.

Don’t know How to make A pages-

Disclaimer Page- Click Here to Create

Privacy Policy Page-Click Here to create

4. Publish All Pages And Articles

Before Applying for Adsense Publish All your Pages And Article.

Afte Publishment Apply For Adsense By using your similar Email Adress.

How To Apply for Adsense For your website-Click Here

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