How to Get More Views on YouTube in 24 hours

How to get more Views on youtube videos in 24 hours

Today I want to share a tip that Helps you go get More views on your youtube videos in 24 hours From last two years experiences when we want to grow out My Youtube Channel and Get more Views on youtube, videos. After studying Much Different technique, strategic and processes we find a magic formula.

get more Views on youtube videos


Now today’s topic we gonna explain to you How we get 1500 views to 3,0000 views.

Read full step by step Guide which helps you to get more videos just without doing Anythings


 1: Research 

Just don’t turn on your camera and start recording. First, you have to figure out what your Audience want to know. 70% of youtube views are search driven so you have to find out what Audience searching for. make a video Around those topics people are searching for.

There are three methods for research-

1) social media

2) Google keyword search

3) Youtube search

Youtube research:: After putting Youtube video title, search your title on youtube. Example you want to make a video on  “How to make a Cake” See here-

How to get more Views on youtube videos

Here video competition is: 27,000000 so choose low keyword competition title- example::

How to get more Views on youtube videos

Here low competition in “How to make a cake at in less time” so first do keyword research on youtube than chose your Youtube video title.

you can use google keyword planner for making your youtube videos.

2. Title and description 

Now you know which keyword is best for your video title. By using Google keyword you know which keyword is performing well now try to put all keyword in your description:: example your title is “How to make a cake” then try to put a description like that-“Today video about how to make a cake in 30 minutes. try to put all ingredients into the description.” your title and description can rank your video in Google which can help you to get more views from a search engine.

3.  Create great Thumbnails 

thumbnails are the first impression of your video. Beautiful thumbnails Always attract visitors. ” the first impression is your last impression” thumbnails is one thing that can increase your video views. so try to design beautiful thumbnails for your each video

4. Cross promotion

If you have a bank of videos use cross promotion which helps you to increase view from your one video to other videos. there is two option for cross promotion: 1) card promotion: go to edit video>click on a card >you can add any kind of card throughout the video.

there is two option for cross promotion:

1) card promotion goes to edit video>click on a card >you can add any kind of card throughout the video.

2) Feature video promotion: You can add feature video Across All over your video content. when your video will end. your all videos will pop up over the ending of your video.

go to create a studio > go to channel > feature content> select your feature video .

this helps you to promote your other videos.

5. Tell people to subscribe, like, share in the end of the video 

Try to make a quality content video and try to make a video on a particular one niche. At the end of the video tell people to subscribe and like the video i know you are making quality contents videos this tricks will you to get more subscribers and viewer on Youtube Videos.