how to impress a girl on fb-5 secret tips

5 Secret tips how to impress a girl on Facebook

Today Topic how to impress a girl on  Facebook.

Tips post for all those boys who have a crush on a girl on Facebook or want to impress a Girl on Facebook.

Here I am sharing my personal experience which I used for impressing so many girl on Facebook.

For particular Facebook,  this tips Really helpful for you

So have a Look !!!!

Tip-1 Never Comment her on Facebook pictures Comment box

All normal Boys Think that if he comments on her every new photo the girl will be impressed.

All boy Have some 5-6 Comments on his mind and use those comments again and again like-nice pic, looking cute, beautiful, Awesome photo, nice click.

In this world, there are so many Word use something new and sensitive.

I recommend you don’t do that –Do some Unique Way

Are you thinking what is Unique way  ?? : roll:

so, Direct message inbox that –“your recent photo is so awesome” in a simple way.

Don’t use a word like that- you are looking little ugly in this pic will be my girlfriend? if you talk like that Girl will block you.

You can message her that- the pic you have uploaded I think this is your best profile on Facebook. it sounds Good.

Tips-2 Don’t like her picture instead Reacted on her pictures

I think all You know Facebook Has some reacted emoji with Like option.

when girl upload pictures on facebook they got 300-400 likes on it . from there 300-400 likes how she understand that you liked her picture?

I suggest you that Reacted on her photos because liking a photo is becoming an Old fashion.

So, I recommend you to use this two React option too much from 6 option…

how to impress girl on fb

Tip-3 Don’t tage her Your pictures

Tell me one thing You don’t know me well and you keep tagging Me on Facebook. like that, if you don’t know some one well and are you tagging nasty photos this type of Work makes a girl irritating.

So don’t tage photo to the girl which you want to impress.

Tip-4 Stop using short form while chatting

While you are chatting with a girl don’t use short form in facebook, whats app we can send an unlimited message to someone.

Using short message don’t make sense it is hard to understand.

So try to use Massage in full word.  like-  Hi, How are you?

using the full form Always Makes Some impression in Chatting.

Tip-5 Have a regular but not irritating chat

Try to talk to her Regular basis.

I have seen so many boys if a girl’s not replying her message they getting frosted Ans they start using Continues message -hi hello, waiting, replay me why you are not replying me, you are not ignoring me.

Atleasted wait for one day May is a girl is busy with her classmate friends or maybe she doing some important work or may be she in tuition.

So don’t be fasted Wait for a while.

Tips- 6 Be specific About your Compliments

Suppose you are giving a compliment to her like- I haven’t seen beautiful girl ever, you are too beautiful so try some sensitive and more sensitive compliment.

Because too much boy always Gives that type of compliment to her.

You use some interesting And Unique.

Tips-7 Don’t be emotional while you are talking about her past

I saw so many boys while they are talking about their past life or past girlfriend they get emotional don’t do that try some interesting topic while you are chatting.

Tips-8 Be cool while replaying

while you are messaging her replay her with some funny emojis that makes sense and it helps you to get an Amazing replay.

While you are massaging her Question her about her choose her like and dislike…….

Tips-9 Don’t be frustrated 

All boys want to Get a girl quickly don’t be frustrated if you want to impress her I saw many boys who always want girl Mobile number  After chatting her for 2-3 days.

don’t do that…

don’t be Frustrated make her friend for a long time..

One day propose her in real life ………if you both are in long distance Propose her in Real world.