How make money from google Full Deails

How to make money from google Full Details

Are you thinking How to make money from Google?

Earning from google or Earn Money online is not a Rocket science.

World Multi national company Google, Facebook, Youtube All are Earning money from Advertisement.

Now, You Can Also Earn money from Google Just joining their Google Adsense Partnership.

make money from google

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is Advertisement program Which Allow publisher to Put Advertisement on their website.

When your website visitor clicks on those Ads You get CPC (Cost-per-click) And CPM (Cost-per thousand Impression) In your Google Adsense Account.

Later You can transfer Adsense Money To your Bank Account.


You need A Website

If you want to earn money from Google You need a website. if you have any knowledge like-tech tips, health tips, Education news, job news, Motivational Tip Than You need  a Small investment and create website Full details- how to create a website

Make Website And Apply for Adsense-How to Apply for Adsense

Publish great Content=Get more traffic in your website=more Traffic=more click= more clicks=More Income

You Website Name should Be-

  • .com
  • .net
  • .Edu
  • .In

Make sure that your website is not with Extension Like(your website name),

From Blogging

If you want to earn money from Google without investment create a website in -Full details How to create a Blog is a free platform where you can create a Free website without investment.

After creating a website Apply for Google Adsense

From Youtube

Youtube is parent site of Google. when you watch videos on youtube you watch some videos, ads come on youtube videos.

If you have a video idea for Education tutorial, tech idea, naughty video idea.

Make videos and upload your videos on youtube and Apply For Adsense Monetization.