mission is to wipe out enemies moving around you They are not aware

Welcome to the latest Military Commando Shooter 3D Game 2018. Act as a secret army agent military commando in this thrilling action game. We have made this advance military shooting game to enhance your military commando shooting skills. Eliminate the enemies in the city as a front-line sniper and save the nation from the enemies. Be a real commando, and show your sniper shooting skills against your enemies. Experience this modern military operation in this First Person Shooting action game.

Military Commando Shooter 3D is a complete war game which is full of different real army military missions that you never experienced in all military games. There are multiple levels in this game which are definitely full of excitement. The graphics are very much smooth and the game will not lag certainly. Play like a secret army agent and sniper shooting, you will forget all other secret mission games.

You are frontline soldier in this real commando adventure game. Your mission is to eliminate your enemies from your territory and clear the army base. Hold your sniper gun as a real commando and eliminate all the enemy soldiers before they hit and finish you. This action thrilling shooting game is best in all army commando adventure games. There will be different territories in which you will sneak through to complete your military commando action mission in each stage.

You will be provided with a briefing about your real commando adventure action mission first. There will be advanced weapons for each mission. Get ready for secret mission and show your sniper shooting skills in this FPS game.

rmy Sniper Shooter 2018: Commando Gun War is the next and most advanced level of first-person shooting experience. This is not just a game, but a whole new dimension into the world of war and glory. This game will take an exhilarating turn in every step you will make.

Your mission is to wipe out enemies moving around you. They are not aware of your presence in their territory. Once you will hit your first gunshot only then they will be able to notice you. So be very careful when you make your first shot.

As a covered operative hide yourself as much as possible. You will not be making a walk in the park. There will be multiple missions in this game and they all will make you sweat. This game requires you to be mentally tough and ready to tackle any hostile situation.
You will be provided advanced grade ammunition. But remember that it will be a limited stock so fire your arms carefully. This will help you finish the enemies and also save your ammunition. Be very careful while going down this road. There is no comeback in it. Once your presence is spotted the whole enemy base will be upon you.

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