How to Remove background noise in 30 seconds

Remove background noise in 30 seconds 

when we record a video or audio some background noise creates a disturb. sometimes too much background noise decrease our video or audio impression. when you are recording a voice for youtube videos it is necessary to remove background noise.

Background noise in your youtube videos can push your video toward down in youtube.

Here full guide How to remove your Background noise in your Audio or video.

Note::: when you are recording Take silence for 5 seconds in starting and take silence for 5 seconds in last it will help software to detect the background noise.

Download Audacity software:::download video editing software

Audacity is the best software for removing Background noise.

  1. Open Audacity Software click on File >>open

remove backgorund noise

2. Now Select Yor voice file and click>Open. 

remove background noise

If you haven’t voice file convert your video into Mp3 voice by using Format factory

3. Drag your mouse in Audio over Audacity and right click on the silent part of the audio Part Once

remove background noise

4. Now go to Effect > Noise reduction

remove background noise

5. click on > Get noise profile >next Ok

remove background noise

6. Now Go back On Audio And simply duble click on it or Select full audio

remove background noise

7. Now again go to > Effect > Noise Reducation >click ok

Remove background noise

Now play your voice if you are getting your Some Background noise Do the process Again and Again

If getting any problem comment below  🙂  😛  🙂  🙂  🙂