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3 ऐप आपकी जिंदगी बदल सकता है

1.HD Video Wallpapers

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HD Video Wallpapers offers great, free HD videos. Easy to view and easy to set as your wallpaper!

★ Hundreds of HD videos for free instant use!
★ Awesome high quality 720p+ resolution videos with lots of fun.
★ A collection of videos that keeps on growing.
★ Various categories including Abstract, Animal, Animation, Dance, Game, Movie, Nature, Technology and Vehicles.
★ Quick loading and previews that only use tiny amounts of data.
★ Minimal system resource and battery usage!
★ Fast and easy to set your own videos as your wallpapers!

Install HD Video Wallpapers now to start your journey!

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2. Sleep Timer for Spotify

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Spotify Sleep Timer lets you to listen your favorite music till you fall asleep.

Simply start the timer and enjoy your favorite music without worrying your phone battery running out!

Open Spotify directly from the application
With this feature, you can start your timer then open Spotify Application without going back to the home screen again.

Listen to your favorite music longer without open the app
Spotify Sleep Timer enables you to extends the timer by clicks the button at the notifications bar at one click!

Better listening experience for your ear
Spotify Sleep Timer softly lowers the volume before pauses the music.

Never afraid of battery draining again
At the end of the timer, the music will be stopped so you will not have to worry if you falling asleep while listening to your favorite music

Input how long you want the music to play
Simply input how long you want the music to play (for example: 30 minutes)

Use sleep timer for another media player
Spotify Sleep Timer is also can be used for stopping another music player, video player, or even Youtube!

Custom action added
Choose action that will triggered at the end of the timer:
• turn off screen
• turn off wifi
• turn off bluetooth
• turn on silent mode

*This app uses the Device Administrator permission only if you need “turn off screen” feature. If you want to remove the permission, simply uncheck “turn off screen” feature.


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3. Remove Objects – Touch Eraser

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You will be stunned by the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique! Learn how to auto-Remove Objects from your images in no time!. Use Remove Objects software to remove all unwanted items from photos.

Learn how to auto-Remove Objects from your images in no time!
Remove Objects is a clever app that lets you remove unwanted content from your photos using just the tip of your finger. You simply brush over the objects you want to remove so that they’re selected in red, then tap “Start” and watch while they magically disappear!

You can use Selection tools to select and then automatically remove unwanted details from the photo. Or you can use the Clone tool to manually copy detail from one part of the frame to another.

Feature of Remove Objects:
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch in
Photo editor remove objects
Remove object of any photos
Remove objects from pictures
Object eraser on photo
Photo object eraser
Remove people from photo
Eraser tool for photos
Delete objects in photo
Remove objects from video
Removal element in photo

Quick Repair
Remove objects by just marking them

Innovative line removal
Flick over a piece of a line to remove it whole

One touch editing
Remove blemishes with a single touch
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch in

Removing unwanted objects
Mark an object with Lasso or brush
With Eraser, unmark any over marked areas
Tab Go to remove the objects
Removing Line
Select Line Remover
To remove a whole line, mark only a part of it
Select segment remover, and with it, mark a whole segment to remove it
Removing small objects quickly
Select quick brush
Start drawing over an objects. The moment you stop drawing, the object will disappear
Removing Blemishes
Select blemish remover
Tap an object to have it removed
Using clone stamp
Drag the source pointer to the location to take a pattern from
Start brushing with your finger where you want the cloned content to appear
Use Eraser to remove the object or area that has just been cloned

FREE 100% to enjoy it
Tks for used !!

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