Take your automated special sniper gun of combat assault

Mountain Sniper Shoot is a striking action FPS sniper game! True 3D graphics and sound effects, allowing you to experience the real sniper experience. The game brings an exciting experience to complete the task. Keep your breath, lock the enemy, aim, shoot, kill the crazy enemies. In a limited time, the rational use of your limited ammunition, aimed at distant enemies, kill them.

Once you start shooting, the enemy will know your presence, search for you everywhere, attack you. No way to turn back, so you have to be very careful, fast, accurate, ruthless shooting.
Make sure you keep your attention. Stick to the end, complete the task!

You will be an elite sniper, shooting in different hills and terrible hindrance points, you accurately identify the target and lock the target, quickly destroy the enemy.

In this sniper game, you will get real shooting game experience sniper game quest and realistic shooter quests.
The game is completely focused on the best shooting game, so that these sniper games are really loved by shooting enthusiasts.

Army Sniper Shooter 2018: Commando Gun War is the next and most advanced level of first-person shooting experience. This is not just a game, but a whole new dimension into the world of war and glory. This game will take an exhilarating turn in every step you will make.

Your mission is to wipe out enemies moving around you. They are not aware of your presence in their territory. Once you will hit your first gunshot only then they will be able to notice you. So be very careful when you make your first shot.

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