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WhatsApp की सेक्रेट ट्रिक जिसको नहीं जाना तो WhatsApp यूज़ करना छोड़ दीजिए

Hi all in this tutorial i’m gona show you the best whatsapp trick in this world. This is a very kidding tutorial. So lat’s start.

somany time you are watch the many people sent you the hot pic. But when you open it, that are a fack image. akchulluy it’s right.


1. First one is preview image (prank image, thumbnail image), example: hot, attractive image.
2. Second one is original image, example: funny image or laughing image.
Upload two images and click on the share button and share this image on whatsapp to your friends, family, colleges.


Upload two images, and click on the share button to share the image in messaging apps like whatsapp(currently tested and working)
The image will be having the preview of image1, and after downloaded will change to image2.

You can only see the original once sent.
Only the person receiving the image will see the change, and that too only if they have disabled media autodownload


Note: We have no relationship with Whatsapp. Whatsapp is property of Whatsapp Inc.

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